4 August 2013

Friendship Day Special- The Nature Co. Giveaway *CLOSED*

Hi Lovelies <3

A very Happy Friendship Day to all of you! :k I have made so many good friends because of blogging world whom I wouldn't have ever known otherwise. So on this Friendship Day I would like thank each and everyone of you for being there for me and support me in my blogging journey. <3 This GIVEAWAY is a small way to thank you guys and The Nature Co. was kind enough to sponsor Friendship Day Special Giveaway and the winner gets to win one Mini Travel Kit which I had mentioned here. The giveaway will run from today to 29 th August and I will announce the winner on 30th August as its my birthday! ^_^

Friendship Day Special- The Nature Co. Giveaway, Skincare, natural beauty, natural products, product reviews

So lets get to the rules! :O There are some mandatory rules which you need to follow to qualify for the GIVEAWAY and some optional ones for the extra entries. :angel

Mandatory Rules
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  • Leave a comment "Share your favorite/crazy memory with your friend. :D

Details of all entries are there in the widget. Please fill your details in the widget or your entry wont be valid. :)

All the best <3 and if you have any queries drop me a comment below! :)


  1. My best friend is Sarmistha Banerjee. We have been together from our childhood days. We shared many sweet moments together. Some of them even bring smile to my face, when I think of them. We were partners in crime. We often committed mischief together. My friend loves me so much that she even takes my blame on herself and suffers the punishment.

    I will state here one such crazy memory that we shared together. Once on the occasion of April Fool Day, we decided to play a prank on one of our seniors in school. We were in the same hostel then. We knew that the senior student was very much afraid of insects and lizards. We bought a plastic lizard and attached it to one end of a rope. We kept the lizard on the senior's body, while she was sleeping. We were waiting outside her room holding the other end of the rope. In the morning, when she opened her eyes, she was almost frightened to see the lizard on her body. She jumped up from her bed. She was all the more shocked to see the lizard moving around the room with her. We enjoyed the scene, pulling the lizard with the rope. She started shouting and all the people in the hostel gathered hearing her shout. All the students laughed at the incident. The hostel superintendents wished to punish us when they came to know that we were behind this mischievous act. But they forgave us, considering it as April Fool day's prank.

    This was the first prank that we played together.The memory of this incident brings smile to our faces even today when we remember it.

    My Email Id : bidishabanerjee@live.com

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

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  3. Hiiii thank u for lovely giveaway :-)
    Me n Aastha , Reetika, Avu hv loads of lovely memories to share n cherish.
    My best memory with my friends to share with u is during college time I doin BCA.
    Me n my group sparkand(8 gals) were d most crazy naughty gals in tht section. We were alws late n used to stand out laughing on each other n yes back benchers:-D
    Our class ws on 3 floor n there were 3 rooms adjacent to each other n stairs on both ends.our class ws first n once we were bored n wanted to bunk lecture so we decided to run from bak door while our teacher ws delving lecture . We all quietly one by one cme out from bk door while our teacher ws writing on board. We all were jumping smiling excited planed to go to canteen not knowing tht last class ws goin on tht day by chance we were in middle class:-) as v opened n tried to move to 3rd room teacher saw us hey gals where r u cumin n she caught us n thn all were takn to our class room tht ur 8 gals were running from ur lecture n they all were caught lolz. Our teacher said will not let u sit in practicals n we were requesting n limiting also tht plz no don't do dis :-D as soon as lecture ended v followed our teacher n v almost took around of whole college n all gals were staring at us wat d hell they r doin. At last our teacher smile n said U kw u r my favourite students thn why u do such thing plz go nw n will not do anything.
    We all jumped smiled n thn didnt attended next lecture bt went to canteen hahahahh
    So dis incident made me smile even today n miss my buddies.

  4. Hey, thanks for the giveaway,
    the pinterest link isn't working. Could you please check that?

    About my entry,
    my fav memory has been when all my best bunch of friends surprised me while I was studying in London for my birthday. That was the most happiest day till date and it was indeed crazy! Cannot explain all, but it was all so freaking worth it. I love my crazy friends!!!

    Thanks again

    1. thanks dear for bringing it to my notice <3 hope it working now frm ur end :)

  5. I still remember that craziest moment when my BFF Swati Raju Makhijani & I sung a song during watching the movie Aashiqui. We went to watch the movie n when the song Nazar ke Samne, jigar ke pass..... Started we can't resist ourselves to sing that song we only realized when the song get over n everyone shouted once more once more.. It was a craziest moment n even today whenever we hear this song we go in a nostalgic mode n laugh at our crazy, childish deed :)

  6. Very nice giveaway.....

    kkk..the craziest moment...During my college time my frnds gave me a b'day surprise at the sea beach and that was super special for me..I never forget the funny and crazy moments of that b'day party...:)

  7. Your fans also love you so much,and your birthday is n 30th august thats great!
    My favourite memory with my friend is when I was in school,then every year, in school also we all students used to celebrate birthday by giving toffees to all teachers and classmates.Me and my childhood friend pushpa organized a birthday party on my birthday in school lunch break.She helped me a lot in buying things from canteen and bringing them to our class.It was so much fun.I was dressed up in my new dress,I took camera and my friends clicked those beautiful moments.I can never forgot those beautiful days.Eating samosas with coke,this used to be our treat.

  8. My School Mate Yamuna is my Close Friend I Love her a lot <3 <3 She Helped me in all my hard times :) We both Trust each other a lot !! she is my Bestie we both Shop each other & Study Each other i may Consider She is my on my family member :) :) Am totally fulfilled of My Having my Ever Best Friend In My Life <3 Thank God!!

  9. I did a craziest thing on April Fool's Day, just to fool my friend. I took some cow dung & cut it into square shapes & decorated it like yummy sweets by covering it with coconut powder, almonds & raisins. I placed them in a plate & gave it to my friend & asked her to taste it. My friend eagerly took one to taste it. She kept it in her mouth & started biting it. I was watching everything & was smiling to myself. When she started eating it, she vomited & threw it away. Still I can remember that humorous moment.

  10. Ohhhh wowwwwww thank u so much:-))))))


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