5 January 2014

Gia Bath & Body Works Cocoa Body Butter Review

Hello Peeps :L

Today I am going to review my favorite body butter from Gia Bath & Body Works. This humble body butter which knocks out all its pricier counterparts when it comes to effectiveness and heavenly fragrance. :L Do I need to give a detailed review; from the first few lines you all must have understood that you need this in your life! :D But for your and my peace of mind lets get to the review. ;)

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Winners of International Giveaway!

Hello lovelies <3

So its time to announce the winners of  International Giveaway! :e Thanks each and everyone of you :k for making this giveaway successful. Please don't be sad if you didn't win this time. :k

The WINNERS are *drum-rolls* :D

Winners of International Giveaway!

3 December 2013

Gia Bath & Body Works "Mocha Creme Scrubby Bar"- A Body Scrub That Means Business ♥

Hello Peeps <3

I love a good scrub that leaves skin feeling clean and smooth like baby's butt ^_^ , but I’ve had trouble finding one that is equally moisturizing and smells good. I know too much to ask for :P but my search came to end when I tried the Gia Bath & Body Works "Mocha Creme Scrubby Bar". :L Read on to know why Gia Bath & Body Works "Mocha Creme Scrubby Bar" has become my HG body scrub. :)

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1 November 2013

Gia Bath & Body Works- Handmade Soaps and more

Hello peeps <3

Today I am going to introduce you all to Gia Bath & Body Works which makes amazing smelling and cute looking bath and body products, it includes soaps, body butter, showers gels, perfume, body mist, lip balms. (Exhausting list I know! :L ) I got few soap samples to try so I can decide which one to buy ( I can't decide :( I want all :P ) and a body butter and body scrub. I will review the products soon, till then enjoy the piccys. :O

gia bath and body works+handmade soaps+body butter+body scrub+natural products+bath and body works

26 October 2013

My First Blog Award- The Versatile Blogger Award

It feels awesome to get my first blog award and thanks a lot Jayshree of Makeup Review & Beauty Blog for giving me this award. Thanks a lot to each and every reader of my blog for all the love! <3

My First Blog Award- The Versatile Blogger Award

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection Scarlet Ibis Lipstick Review, Swatch & LOTD

Hi Gals <3

I am die-hard fan of orange lipsticks I have morange which a true orange but I needed something little subtler which I can sport on daily basis. I had seen Scarlet Ibis swatches when Iris Apfel collection was launched and had drooled over it but unlucky I wasn’t able to get it; so when it was re-promoted again in the MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection I had to grab this beauty. So presenting here my favorite orange lippy Scarlet Ibis.

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection scarlet ibis Lipstick Review, Swatches+orange lipstick lipstick+marilyn monroe+lipstick+swatches


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