About The Gal :D


Welcome to my blog! :)

By profession I am Researcher, you must be thinking what a researcher is doing with a makeup blog (that's the general perception :P). Not everybody is privileged to follow their passion but I am lucky; this blog is a gateway to  nurture my love for makeup. It will be great to have you all in my journey. :)

You will find here product reviews (mainly lipsticks, addicted to them! :-D), tutorials, looks,  nail arts, DIYs, fashion posts, recipes... basically everything anything that catches my fancy. :D

My Beauty Profile:
  • Skin Tone:  MAC NC42
  • Skin Type: Very Oily in summers/Combination in winters
  • Skin Concern: Acne prone :(
My Favorite Brands:
  • MAC
  • Bourjois
  • Colorbar
  • Maybelline
  • Inglot
  • Vichy
  • Clarins
  • Clinique
  • Forests Essentials............ the list is endless! :D

Thanks for visiting everybody!

♥ Riya (tulip)


  1. Hey love to find a researcher who is into makeup :) I want to be a researcher too (waiting for my big break) What are you researching on? :) You're boosting my hopes btw ;)

    1. hehe welcome here rajlaxmi <3 rite now am working in aquaculture, related to fish immunity (TLRs):D wht subject u r interested? :D n i am glad to have u here...need sum boosting myself :r

    2. Glad to find your blog :) I am an Embedded Systems Engr and hoping to do a PhD in Aerospace Engg but not getting the fund to support my offer :( I at the moment I am looking for a job along...along with a little blogging :mj

    3. hehe we both r researchers but diff subjects.. my dad wanted me to be engg but i hated maths xP

    4. Hehehe, I actually wanted to study Maths Hons, but my maths score for HS was lower than what last went through :(

      btw I am having a problem. I was trying to get the same emoticons, I did, and when I edited the

      var onReply = function

      section, I can't reply anymore, but I see that you can. Could you please (if it's not too much) give me a copy of the HTML code using the contact page at my blog http://rajculinaryaffair.blogspot.com/ [no one gets to see it]? :( :( I am at my wit's end about how to have my reply box back :'(

    5. Oh never mind, I solved the problem :) I was just being stupid :P

    6. hehe sorry for such a late reply..dere was power cut at my place for 12 hrs..n den net connection was down due to heavy rain :~ dis hacks can give u a headache :P

  2. \m/ proud of u <3


drop comments when you visit... love getting your notes at my vanity <3 :)


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