5 January 2014

Gia Bath & Body Works Cocoa Body Butter Review

Hello Peeps :L

Today I am going to review my favorite body butter from Gia Bath & Body Works. This humble body butter which knocks out all its pricier counterparts when it comes to effectiveness and heavenly fragrance. :L Do I need to give a detailed review; from the first few lines you all must have understood that you need this in your life! :D But for your and my peace of mind lets get to the review. ;)

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Winners of International Giveaway!

Hello lovelies <3

So its time to announce the winners of  International Giveaway! :e Thanks each and everyone of you :k for making this giveaway successful. Please don't be sad if you didn't win this time. :k

The WINNERS are *drum-rolls* :D

Winners of International Giveaway!


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