29 June 2013

100 Followers Celebration Giveaway! 2 Lucky Winners! *CLOSED*

Hi Sweethearts <3

Its Giveaway time! :e

Yipeeeeeee..... thanks to each and everyone of you for showering me with so much love and help me reach 100 likes in such a short period of time. This small giveaway is a way to thank you all! :k I will be choosing two winners who will get the below mentioned goodies. :angel

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All the best <3 If you any queries drop me a comment below! :) 

100 followers celebration giveaway+giveaway+makeup giveaway+maybelline+nail polish+loreal+lipgloss+colossal kajal+colorsensation lipgloss glaming gernadine+loreal rebel blue

100 followers celebration giveaway+giveaway+makeup giveaway+maybelline+colorbar+lipstick+lipbalm+colorbar soft touch lipstick rubby woo

  • The Giveaway runs from 29th (8am IST) of June to 29th of July (8am IST).
  • Giveaway is open only to residents of India.
  • Winners will be picked by using Random.org and announced on Facebook & Twitter. I will also email you on the address you use to enter this Giveaway.
  • You can increase your chance of winning  via sharing the Giveaway everyday on Facebook & Twitter. (All information is the widget below!)
  • You MUST use the widget below else your entry wont be recorded and all the entries are mandatory!


  1. hi i dont know why widget not working for me :(

    1. its working dear..it started frm 8 am today mrng..i guess u tried before tht so it want working :)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. DOne Honey :) ..... Maybelline ofcourse ... looks so colourful... hope u having fun

  4. Hello there :) My favourite product is jet black khol as it takes a plain Jane look to a sultry, siren look in seconds of applying :)

  5. hi...thanks for awesome giveaway....i apply maybelline lip balm and maybelline kajal daily its a must for me as lipbalm moisturise my lips and protect it from sunlight due to SPF and kajal give me those deadly eyes which always grabs attention and compliments....

  6. I love Revlon lipbutters this summer. They are one of the best moisturizing products I have used.

  7. Anamika ShrrivastavaJune 30, 2013 5:37 pm

    Hey ... nice blog..
    I love macadamia natural oil deep conditioning treatment for my hairs.... love the way it worked for my wavy and dry hairs ... :k

  8. Hey. thanks for the giveaway. and congrats. :)
    I lie Revlon Colorburst lipsticks. they are my all time fav. :)

  9. Aww Riya..:)
    Awesome giveaway !!
    Excited about the results..
    Take care :)

  10. My favourite beauty product is a cream blush. I'm not specifying any brand because I seem to love each and every cream blush i have! :D

    Cream blushers are versatile and help achieve fake that "glow from within". I find that to be a boon for a person like me with dry skin where the glow from within is.. lets just say.. a dream!! :P

  11. My favorite beauty product is Loreal lipstick. Its my favorite product. It suits me well and it enhances my beauty. So I love Loreal lipsticks.

  12. i do not participate in many giveaways.. bt i have surely participated in urs... Congrats on ur 100+ likes..

  13. done all :) congrats for u r blog wish u n ur blog many more followers :)
    in dis scorching heat i dont step out without my mabyelline color whisper n loreal false fibre lash mascara :)


    HOPE TO WIN :)

  15. Just Entered...Many congratulations for 100 followers :)

  16. participated!

  17. My favorite beauty product is "Maybelline Baby Lips Lip-balm" because it moisturizes my lips and prevents it from drying up. My lips become soft, smooth and beautiful when I use it.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

    My Email Id : bidishabanerjee@live.com

  18. just entrered ur giveaway congo for 100 followers
    my favourite beauty product is color bar soft touch lipstick
    asmy daughter of 10 years she started using all my beauty items i want to win for her wish 2 be lucky and make her happy :)

  19. Thanks 4 lovely giveaway and congratulation for 100 followers :)

    My fav product is E18 lipstick 26 no becoz lovely pink colour and when i apply on my lips its look like a natural lips colors :)

  20. thank u so much 4 ur lovely invitation .:$
    wish to win <3

  21. My favorite product now is the Sleek Oh So special palette . .I am completely in love with it . . Am very happy for your success . .Hope your blog achieves even bigger heights :)

  22. nice giveaway Riya :)entered!

  23. If I have to pic one fav product, then it ll be my TBS brow kit!

  24. Maybe line colossol kajal is my Fav as i can't live without it. its so essential part of my routine. The product posses really good quality and i liked the fact that it is smudge free <3 <3

  25. My favourite beauty product will have to be lip balm. I hate having dry, chapped lips.

  26. Hi

    My favr8 beauty product is the Colorbar Soft Touch Lipstick coz i use lipcolor on daily basis to office, so it is the best one to choose from :)

    Shilpa Bindlish

  27. Hi Riya,

    First of all my heartiest congratulations to you on this fantabulous giveaway of yours.I genuinely wish you have many more followers in the future as well.

    Well,my favorite beauty product is definitely Maybelline - Colossal Kajal !

    1. Absolutely stunning dark incredibly black pigment
    2. The texture is like a dream..soft and workable.. Just one swipe on my waterline and I am good to go
    3. It just doesn't smudge off for hours at end.. It will fade slightly but it will be there as neatly as it was when I applied it

    Thanks a lot for the giveaway,


  28. Wow nice giveaway.
    I love lipsticks..

  29. Maybelline drama gel eyeliners!!!
    TBS body butters!!!
    :) :)
    Nice giveaways!!!

  30. Hi Riya
    I have done all steps
    My favourite beauty product is maybelline foundation mousse because its really very good and makes me look beautiful.It also hides all marks on my face and making the skin look fair!My makeup is incomplete without this must-have product.It really helps me.I just love it and the finish it gives.

  31. Hey Riya, love your blog!! Congrats for the 100 followers.
    My favourite beauty product would definitely be Maybelline Colossal because it is very dark and smudgefree. Also, its easy to apply feature brings a lot of ease in the application. And ofcourse, awesome giveaways !! :D

  32. Hi....Congratz for crossing 100 followers!!!!! :D

    Im currently loving the garnier bb cream....It really works well for my dry skin....n i totally love maybelline baby lips.... :D

  33. My fav product is maybeline bb cream and lotus eye liner!..
    I hv not completed the twitter tasks since i dnt hv an account there...hope i qualify

  34. Thanks for the lovely giveaway. My Favourite is the Maybelline Colossal Kajal.& Revlon COmpact. :)

  35. i have participated in this giveaway with great heart!! really wish to win.n i request you to kindly confirm my entry!!

  36. Hey ,
    I am having a blog giveaway and it will be great if u can chk it out


  37. Replies
    1. yeah i completed all steps..hope to win..

      I want the second prize actually, coz i love lipsticks..

    2. I love my colosal kajal from Maybeline and my lipgloss from Mac..

  38. Hi Riya! I entered! My favorite product is eyeliner from maybelline and cant live without it. It's my fav.:)

  39. my fav product is collossal kajal...cnt go without it even fr a single day.. :L
    hope to win.. :)


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